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Life is a moment in space When the dream is gone It's a lonelier place I kiss the morning goodbye But down inside you know We never know why The road is narrow and long When eyes meet eyes And the feeling is strong I turn away from the wall I stumble and fall But I give you it all... Chorus I am a woman in love And I do anything To get you into my world And hold you within It's a right I defend Over and over again What do I do? With you eternally mine In love there is No measure of time We planned it all at the start That you and I Would live in each other's hearts We may be oceans away You feel my love I hear what you say No truth is ever a lie I stumble and fall But I give you it all Repeat Chorus I am a woman in love And I'm talking to you Do you know how it feels? What a woman can do It's a right That I defend over and over again-